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TH's clear focus on internationalisation and on developing new technologies has enabled it to provide solutions and equipment for the development of the mining industry, the production of industrial minerals and aggregates and the treatment of industrial waste for over 50 years. Here are some of the landmarks in the history of TH as a part of the TH Company group.

  • Founding of Técnicas Hidráulicas

    Founding of Técnicas Hidráulicas

    - 1966

    The company originally focused on manufacturing pumps and hydraulic motors for the fishing industry.

  • Extension of facilities

    Extension of facilities

    - 1975

    Seeking to upgrade its services to customers, our production and assembly facility in Spain is extended.

  • Acquisition of Mafel technology

    Acquisition of Mafel technology

    - 1984

    Técnicas Hidráulicas acquires Mafel technology to assist diversification into the mineral processing industry.

  • Focus on internationalization

    Focus on internationalization

    - 1990

    Técnicas Hidráulicas began working on its first projects for customers in the Asian and European markets.

  • Acquisition of Portet pumping and filtration technology

    Acquisition of Portet pumping and filtration technology

    - 1991

    This technology complemented the range of products that Técnicas Hidráulicas offered to the mineral processing industry.

  • Acquisition of Productos Asteca - Rover

    Acquisition of Productos Asteca - Rover

    - 2006

    With the acquisition of this company, Técnicas Hidráulicas extended its range of dewatering products for the mineral processing industry with the inclusion of crushing, screening and classification technology.

  • Extension of facilities

    Extension of facilities

    - 2012

    Work is completed on a new production, assembly, and quality control facility at headquarters. The new facility will allow Técnicas Hidráulicas to meet growing demand for projects worldwide.

  • First office abroad.

    First office abroad.

    - 2013

    Seeking to grow its presence in the Latin America market, Técnicas Hidráulicas opened its first office abroad in Mexico.

  • Acquisition of TMP and Saveck

    Acquisition of TMP and Saveck

    - 2013

    This acquisition enabled the company to round out its range of products for the mining and aggregates industries by incorporating technology for the dry and wet process of solids with particular emphasis on industrial minerals and sands production.

  • Leadership and innovation

    Leadership and innovation

    - 2015

    Técnicas Hidráulicas decided to reinforce its focus on innovation by earmarking 1.5 per cent of its turnover every year for R&D&i projects.

  • Acquisition of Novattia

    Acquisition of Novattia

    - 2016

    After this acquisition, Novattia became the R&D&i division of Técnicas Hidráulicas, thus strengthening the company·s focus on innovation.

  • More offices abroad

    More offices abroad

    - 2017

    Técnicas Hidráulicas opened its second office abroad in Manta, Ecuador. It also opened its first office in Asia in Shanghai (China).

  • New name: TH Company

    New name: TH Company

    - 2018

    Técnicas Hidráulicas is now named TH Company. The group is made up of two divisions: Marco (machinery for the fishing and shipping industries) and TH (mineral processing).

  • TH COMPANY opens a subsidiary in India

    TH COMPANY opens a subsidiary in India

    - 2020

    The new office will help promote the company´s further expansion in the Indian mining industry and boost its presence on the aggregates and industrial minerals market.

  • New office in Guayaquil (Ecuador)

    New office in Guayaquil (Ecuador)

    - 2021

    The new facilities have been equipped with a 200 m2 workshop and a large warehouse.