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Treatment plant for sludge from contaminated soil

A turnkey treatment plant for sludge from the recycling of contaminated soil for Bioterra BV in Belgium.

General data

  • Customer:Bioterra NV
  • Type of facility:: Filtration plant for contaminated soil
  • Industry:Enviro
  • Country:Belgium
  • Application:Soil Treatment
  • Output:10 T/h


Bioterra NV engaged TH to develop the new waste recovery plant that it is currently building in Genk (Belgium).

The company is a member of Group De Cloedt and is one of Belgium's leading recyclers of contaminated soil, with 5 recycling centres around the country.

TH's role in the project is to develop a turnkey plant for sludge treatment capable of handling the final waste obtained from the whole contaminated soil treatment process.

This project has enabled TH to strengthen its position in Belgium, where it already has numerous dirty water treatment plants for various applications, particularly in the food processing and recycling industries.


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