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Treatment plant for silica sand

The plant can process 20 t/h. The output is used in the glass and ceramics industries

General data

  • Customer: Sikamar
  • Type of facility: Washing and sorting plant for industrial sand
  • Industry: Industrial minerals
  • Country: Spain
  • Application: Glass sands
  • Output: 20 T/h


Sikamar has various facilities that produce kaolin and silica sand, used mainly for manufacturing glass and ceramics.

The company engaged TH to design, manufacture and implementation a sand washing and sorting plant. In addition TH undertook the preliminary process definition stage. This plant is feeded from the output of an upstream washing process supplied previously by TH.

The washing and sorting plant receives materials with grain sizes of 0-3 mm and is designed for an output of close to 20 t/h. Within the scope of this project, TH developed, manufactured, implemented and commissioned the entire plant.


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