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Filtration plant for by-products of lithium hydroxide production

Filtration equipment for by-products of lithium hydroxide production from spodumene ore. Dewatering and cake washing processes for solids obtained from leaching and neutralisation.

General data

  • Customer: Tianqui Lithium
  • Type of facility: Filtration plant
  • Industry: Mining
  • Country: Australia
  • Application: Lithium
  • Output: 19 T/h by product A, 2 T/h by product B


Tianqui Lithium Australia Pty Ltd. is building a plant with cutting edge technology to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide. The project is located in the industrial area of Kwinana (Western Australia), and comprises a plant for producing high quality battery materials for the EV and ESS markets.

MSP, the engineering firm charged with implementing the project, asked TH to supply the equipment for filtering and cake washing of the two by-products. TH designed, manufactured and supplied seven APN18 L filter presses and the necessary slurry pumps, hydraulic units, drop trays, auxiliary tanks, etc.

This project was a major step for TH, allowing it to expand its capabilities and services in the emerging field of the production of lithium compounds for batteries based on spodumene ore or brines.


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