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Zinc, copper and lead concentrate filtration plant

A filtration plant for zinc, copper and lead concentrates for the Woodlawn mine in Australia owned by Heron Resources Ltd. The project involved the reopening of a copper mine with all the associated poly-metallic ores and a consistent annual expected output of 40 kt of zinc concentrate, 10 kt of copper concentrate and 12 kt of lead concentrate, plus associated gold and silver.

General data

  • Customer: Heron Resources Ltd. (Woodlawn Slte)
  • Type of facility: Filtration plant
  • Industry: Mining
  • Country: Australia
  • Application: Zinc / Copper / Lead
  • Output: 14,7 T/h (Zn), 3,7 T/h (Cu) y 5,5 T/h (Pb)


In 2016, Heron Resources completed a viability study for the renewal of mining operations of a volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit located in the vicinity of Woodlawn, 250 km south-west of Sydney in Australia. This is a poly-metallic deposit which was mined from 1978 to 1998 and subsequently abandoned due to low copper prices and corporate difficulties encountered by the then owner. The results of the viability study were highly positive, so Heron Resources decided to start the process for implementing this new project.

Sedgman was chosen to manage the concentrate plant component of the project. They chose TH to supply critical equipment for the plant, with the most stringent standards being required at all levels of the project. TH designed and manufactured three complete filters presses for this project: an APN16 L30 with a SIX20 slurry pump for zinc concentrate, an APN16 M6 with a SIX6 slurry pump for copper concentrate and an APN16 M8 for lead concentrate.


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