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Filtration plant for iron ore tailings

An iron ore tailings filtration plant for Bhushan Power Steel, one of India·s biggest producers. The plant features eight filtration units and can produce 340 t/h.

General data

  • Customer:Bhushan Power & Steel
  • Type of Facility:Filtration Plant
  • Industry:Mining
  • Country:India
  • Application:Tailings Management
  • Production:340 T/h


The Bhushan Power & Steel plant in Orissa (India) produces 2.3 million tonnes of steel per year. The company has a complete range of production lines for raw material, including iron ore. This last tine produces concentrate which involves iron ore tailings as a by-product.

Bhushan decided to set up a filtration plant to treat the slurry from the iron ore enrichment plant and dewater these tailings for subsequent management.

The project was entrusted to TH and Bhushan asked for a filtration plant capable of handling the large amounts of tailings that it produces. To meet the requirements of the customer, TH designed a plant comprising 8 x APN18 SL60 filter presses with the slurry pumps required to supply them. This plant can produce 340 t/h.


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