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Limestone gravel drying plant for producing dry mortar sands

This project involved the development, manufacturing and commissioning of a facility designed to treat limestone gravel and sand. The plant can treat more than 40 t/h and guarantees an outfeed product with a moisture level of less than 0.5 per cent.

General data

  • Customer: Grupo Calidra
  • Type of facility: Drying plant
  • Industry: Industrial minerals
  • Country: Mexico
  • Application: Dry mortar sands
  • Output: Process capacity 40 t/h


The Calidra Group engaged TH to design, manufacture and implement a drying plant for limestone gravel and sand to be sent subsequently for crushing and sizing for dry mortar production. TH also handled the preliminary basic process engineering phase.

The handled material comprises limestone gravel and sand with grain sizes of 0-25 mm and infeed moisture levels in excess of 6 per cent. The drying plant is designed to guarantee sand with an outfeed moisture level of less than 0.5 per cent.

TH manufactured and supplied the following equipment for the project: a SR rotary dryer, which includes; a heat generator, a heat exchanger and a gas treatment system.


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