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Limestone rock washing plant

A complete plant for washing and sizing limestone gravel and treating the resulting sludge, including a complete water recovery system for supplying limestone to cement factories.

General data

  • Customer: CEMEX
  • Type of facility: Limestone washing, sizing and sludge treatment plant
  • Industry: Aggregates
  • Country: Spain
  • Application: Rock and gravel
  • Output: 250 T/h


This project was for the extension and modification of the limestone rock washing facility run by CEMEX at its cement plant in Buñol, Spain.

The goal was to increase limestone aggregate output and increase supplies to white cement manufacturing facilities from 150 t/h to 250 t/h; to reduce the iron content of the limestone aggregate used to make white cement and; to remove clay more efficiently from the raw material fed into the washing facility. This clay is found in the finest fractions of the raw material, which are also those which contain the highest content of iron oxide, a contaminant in the final aggregate for white cement production.

A reduction in effluent discharges was also sought. Previously, clayey sludge was generated and discharged into natural thickening ponds. This project means that dried sludge is obtained which is easy to handle with very low moisture content after going through the filter press. The sludge can be discharged in a controlled fashion for use in the recovery of the quarry areas from which raw material is extracted.

Another goal was to reduce washing water consumption. The percentage of clarified water recirculated is greater in the current washing process.


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