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Filtration plant for quarry sludge

A plant for filtering quarry sludge for Bagnères Matériaux (BM) in France. By implementing technology from TH, BM was able to handle excess sludge from its washing process efficiently.

General data

  • Customer:Bagnères Matériaux
  • Type of Facility:Filtration plant for quarry sludge
  • Industry:Aggregates
  • Country:France
  • Application:Sludge Management
  • Output:15 T/h


Bagnères Matériaux (BM) in Bigorre (France) is a producer of limestone aggregates. Its end product is used for manufacturing concrete, among other purposes.

In its efforts to achieve continual improvement, BM decided to renew its washing facilities to increase the quantity and quality of the end product. However, this increase in output entailed the production of more sludge, and the company’s storage ponds were insufficient to contain it all. The lack of space to extend the ponds and the new environmental regulations led the company to contact TH.

The problem was analyzed and it was proposed that a sludge filtration system be installed to recover part of the material discarded and reuse water in the washing process. BM would thus not only solve its sludge storage problem but also make progress towards more sustainable waste management.

The benefits obtained by BM thanks to TH technology include compliance with environmental regulations for waste management and increased revenue thanks to the sale to other industries of materials recovered in the filter press.


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