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Treatment plant for polymetallic tailings from concentrator plants

A treatment plant for sludge from oxide, sulphide and other mineral ore compound concentration processes. It reduces the volume of waste discharged, minimises environmental risks and enables a large part of the water used in the process to be recovered.

General data

  • Customer: Empresa de Servicios Ambientales - Asociación de Ingenios de Potosí S.A. (ESA - AIP)
  • Type of facility: Tailings treatment plant
  • Industry: Mining
  • Country: Bolivia
  • Application: Tailings treatment
  • Output: 160 T/h


The company Empresa de Servicios Ambientales - Asociación de Ingenios de Potosí S.A. (ESA - AIP) brings together 30 mining complexes in the city of Potosí and was set up to manage the sludge from their mines. Between them these complexes process between 3800 and 4200 tons per day of ore (Ag, Zn, Pb & Sn) and produce between 145 and 160 litres per second of sterile sludge. All this sludge is dumped in the San Antonio pond for storage and treatment.

The pond is nearing the end of its useful lifetime, and TH COMPANY was selected to provide an alternative solution for managing the tailings from these mining processes. TH designed an all-round solution for tailing treatment that includes hydro-cycloning, decanting and filtration, and has manufactured, supplied and commissioned the necessary equipment. The plant features the following:

• Cyclone line (battery of hydro-cyclones + drainer)
• Sludge decanting and storage line (decanter + buffer tank)
• Filtration line:
   o Filter presses
   o Centrifugal pumps
   o Piston-operated membrane pumps for sludge
• Water transfer and storage tanks
• Dehydrated sludge feed conveyor belts
• The complete plant regulation and control system

With this project, TH COMPANY continues to consolidate its position as a world-leader in technology solutions and process engineering services for mining.




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