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Plant for treating sludge from the washing of vegetables

Upgrade of existing waste water treatment plant for removing soil, sand and clay from the washing water within the potato production process. This plant allows the reuse recycled washing water in the production process after being treated in the TH filtration system.

General data

  • Customer:Agristo
  • Type of Facility:Waste Water treatment plant
  • Industry:Enviro
  • CountryBelgium
  • Application:Food processing industry
  • Output:20 T/h


Belgian frozen potato producer Agristo once again put its trust in TH to build a new waste water treatment plant for its potato processing facilities.

This new plant will enable waste water from the washing process to be recovered and reused after treatment in the purpose built filtration system.

This is the second project that TH has done for Agristo. The first was also a filtration plant, which was successfully completed in 2016. The new TH filtration plant will feature a filter press, a thickening unit and a TH SIX slurry pump.

TH has a substantial presence in Belgium, where it already has numerous waste water treatment plants for various applications, particularly in the food processing and recycling industries.


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