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SR rotary drum dryer

The SR rotary drum dryer is suitable for heating, drying and cooling solids in processes in sectors such as mining and industrial minerals.

SR Rotary Drum Dryer


The SR rotary drum dryer is suitable for heating, drying and cooling solids in processes in sectors such as mining and industrial minerals.

These drum dryers have a reputation in the market for being flexible and robust and for adapting perfectly to the heat treatment conditions required for solids with a variety of grain sizes and mechanical characteristics. The heat exchanger combines high conveying capacity with substantial solid exchange with heat flow, making this equipment ideal for the treatment of large volumes of output in need of moderate heat exchange (heat flow temperatures of less than 800°C).

The main components, the heat generator, the heat exchanger, the gas treatment system and the fans, are sized to provide the optimal combination for the specific requirements of each process.

The broad range of rotary drum dryers and their multiple configuration options allows them to able to cover a wide range of applications including sand, gravel, coal, waste, slag etc.


Heat generator incorporating burner and combustion chamber, designed and optimised for the fuel available in each case.

A highly effective internal heat exchanger design to maximise solid/gas contact and facilitate product feeding. The heat exchanger has three drive options depending on the size of the facility and the features particular to each application.

Special insulation and sealing systems which help dryer efficiency. The less heat the dryer loses to the atmosphere, the less heat the burner has to produce.

Gas treatment system with a specific bag filter, oversized to minimise potential emissions.

Complete drying process control and regulation system with sensors, PLC, HMI and purpose specific software.

Structures that bring together all the components of the system. Ample room for access via the perimeter for the heat generator and heat exchanger, and safety systems to facilitate maintenance work and operator safety.


    • Wide range of applications.
    • Sturdy and long lasting.
    • High heat efficiency with low fuel consumption.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Optimal operator safety during operation and maintenance work.

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