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APN - APNH filter presses

Our extensive range of APN - APNH filter presses comprises heavy duty equipment developed specifically to dewater metal ores, industrial minerals, coal and tailings. APN - APNH filter presses feature numerous configuration options, making our equipment suitable for dewatering operations in processes in a broad range of industries. However, the filter presses are designed specifically for use with highly demanding heavy duty processes such as operations to dewater coal, mine tailings, industrial minerals, soil and mineral ore concentrates.

APN - APNH Filter Press


APN - APNH filter presses can be fitted with plates of different sizes, materials (polypropylene, steel etc.) and configurations (chamber or membrane.) Together with a range of filter plate pack opening solutions, their versatility means that they can be adapted to provide the best solution for each process, being recommended APN filter presses for medium capacity filtration processes and APNH filter press range for high capacity filtration processes.

TH filter press design is based on mechanical simplicity and robustness which makes for easier operation and maintenance of equipment. It also ensures lower operating expenses (OPEX) compared to other solutions in the market.

APN - APNH filter presses have robust frames with the filter package supported on a lateral beam. A filter package opening/closing system with a full pull mechanism, ensures that no horizontal force is applied to the frame or the supporting structures of the equipment.

TH's exclusive filter plates with their high strength cores and perimeter seals for optimum sealing are the perfect match for APN - APNH filter presses in the toughest applications. Their advanced design and modular configuration means that our filters can work with abrasive materials and corrosive media, ensuring high output levels at the lowest possible cost per tonne.


A compact unit with a fully automatic pulling opening/closing mechanism that uses high performance hydraulic cylinders.

A system for transmitting movement on the mobile plate that optimises the distribution of stresses.

Top feeding to ensure the best cake distribution and an advanced cake unloading system to minimise downtime.

Multiple chamber or membrane filter package configurations with polypropylene plates or high performance TH plates with steel core.

Exclusive high output filter press models for mining.

A wide range of process options (cake drying, cake washing, drip trays, filter cloths, special coatings etc.)


  • Guaranteed high output, even in the toughest conditions.
  • An exclusive design that makes the equipment easier to operate and maintain.
  • Low energy consumption thanks to the fully automatic pulling opening/closing system with the lowest installed power rating on the market.
  • Easy replacement of wear parts.
  • The useful lifetime of the filter press is maximised thanks to the exclusive pulling system, which reduces strain on the structure and frame.

Auxiliary Components

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