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BDM Microcyclone Battery


TH designs and provides solutions for grouping micro-cyclones in a compact, robust, easy-to-operate fashion for the treatment of high flow rates of solid/liquid suspensions.

BDM microcyclone batteries make it possible to connect groups of microcyclones by unifying and optimising their feeding, collecting overflows and underflows. The distributors can be laid out in a ring or linear formation depending on how many microcyclones are installed and on their size.

There are various options, permitting the integration of up to 120 x 2", 20 x 4" or 20 x 8" micro-cyclones. BDM batteries in their various configurations are designed for the integration of HCM microcyclones by TH.

They are easy to install, as the basic modules are supplied factory pre-assembled. For larger units, only the separately supplied piping and ducting for interconnecting the modules needs to be installed.

Individual microcyclones can be isolated via valves for their maintenance or replacement without having to halt the operation of the rest of the equipment. This means that some microcyclones can be kept on standby if the processing conditions mean that not all those installed are needed.


Basic modules with a radial or a linear configuration, made up of a feeding unit, overflow collection unit and underflow collection unit.

Groups of basic modules can be configured to include shared feeding and collection systems.

The simple design and modular format of these microcyclones means that their configurations can be changed easily.

Cut off and isolation valves for each microcyclone for flow rate adjustment and maintenance operations.

Feeding unit design optimised for balanced distribution.

Anti-abrasive elastomer coating on wear parts.

Easy access for replacing parts.


    • Finer, more precise classification is ensured.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Optimisation of space requirements.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Suitable for a wide range of applications.

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